Dressing Table Buyers Guide

A nightstand is certainly wonderful to have next to your bed, but most people find that they need a little extra space in their room. That’s why so many of us have dressing tables for additional final touches, jewellery, or makeup that we don’t want to store away. Just this simple table can really add practicality and beauty to your room, but first, you have to find the right one.

Different Styles


These are perfect for those of you who don’t have a lot of spare room but still want the extra storage. Tuck it away in the corner and since it has a lot of drawers, you’ll have lots of storage space.


Modern dressing tables have a clean design with a sleek appearance and they usually fit in with any design style you already have.


If you’d like something more luxurious, go for a vintage type. Many of these are hand-painted and unique, so you’ll have something one of a kind in your room.



A mirror is always a great choice for getting ready in the morning or putting the final touches on a look. Most dressing tables come with a mirror, but you are able to get one customized if you’d like for a more eclectic look.


You’ll end up sitting at your dressing table every time you put your makeup on or get the final accessories for your outfit. Of course, this means you’ll need a comfortable chair that still fits in with the dressing table and your other furniture.


Storage is the main consideration in any dressing table and while most them come with many small compartments, you might want yours to be a bit bigger. Consider how much space you might need and how many compartments are in the table you’d like. Also, think about if you’d like a matching storage piece for more room.


Wood Veneer

The wood appearance gives you a traditional feel, ranging from pine, oak, ash and walnut. Usually, this finish will suit any sort of room or style.


Create a focal point with a larger table, but you may also choose a table with mirrored drawers. These will extend the space in your room while giving you a real focal piece.


For a muted palette colour, the painted finish is perfect. Get a dressing table in white or cream, with either matte or high gloss finishes available. You also have the option to get a black gloss finish for a sleeker look.

Factors to Consider

Room Size

Know how large your room space is - if you have lots of room, you may want to choose a bigger option to fill some of the space while providing yourself with extra storage. With enough space, adding another mirror if you want to. If your space is too small, though, get one with a combined chest for the most space.


Especially if you have lots of makeup and accessories, you’ll need something with a good amount of storage space. Otherwise, choose something that’s a little simpler and keep your items on display rather than stored away.


Choose a design that will work for your room - this can be something that will match your décor or something that will stand out as a statement piece. With so many options, you’ll have no problem finding a good look.


You don’t want to have to replace your table after only a short amount of time, so be sure to choose one that’s meant to last. This includes a style and finish that’s resistant and likely to last.

Lock System

This might not matter too much to you, but you may want an extra space to lock away your jewellery. For extra security with those valuable pieces, a dressing table with a lock might be preferable.


Of course, you have to keep your budget in mind when you make your purchase. Secondhand shops are a great place to find something nice for a good price if you don’t feel like you can buy an expensive model. However, furniture shops have a huge amount of options for any budget, as well.

Care and Cleaning

All it takes is just a little bit of care for your dressing table to continue to look as good as new. A clean table will not only look great but will last for ages, too.

Cleaning Tips

For a quick clean and easy care, these tips are great for when you only have a small amount of time. First of all, when cleaning your dressing table, you have to dust it regularly with a clean, dry cloth and remember to keep heat away from the table as this will damage your dressing table in the long run.

When dealing with accidental spills or wet marks from cups, use a damp cloth and wipe it away immediately. Additionally, you have to make sure to dry your table thoroughly, too, while being careful not to scratch it. However, to avoid wet marks in the first place, always remember to use coasters – these will definitely provide convenience to you.

If your dressing table has a mirror, regularly clean it with a spray so that it won’t be speckled with dirt and dust. And lastly, avoid using solvent-based cleaning agents.


To prevent any damage and keep it looking good long term, try using good quality beeswax to buff it. Your table may also benefit from being out of direct sunlight and will last longer if you don’t have it near a radiator. Be sure to have all of your items organised well, too, in order to prevent scratches or marks.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to your dressing table, so many that it may be hard to narrow down the list. Take a look at our buying guide to help you choose just the right one for your style, your room and your life. With any of the great options out there, you’ll no longer have to worry about having too little space in your room.