Benches are becoming an ever more increasingly popular choice for lots of families, and the classic dining table and chair set is currently seeing itself over taken by these luscious styles of benches! They are becoming the perfect compliment and finishing touch to any dining room - and often they save space, meaning that you can have additional guests over for social events whilst also saving room for more storage! Why not check out our fantastic range of matching benches and tables sets?

However, benches can be used for almost any purpose, which is part of the reason they are so popular. The call them multi-purpose would be an understatement.

The most obvious choice to place a bench would, of course, be the dining room. But… many people will have a bench in the bedroom (often at the end of the bed, and used for storage or a place to get ready), or even in the bathroom. Not just that, but they are becoming more and more widely used in the hallway as people sit on them to change their shoes, or simply have little sit down after long hard day!

They’re also often used in a living room as another place for guests to sit without the need for another sofa! They can also be topped with cushions, throws, and other accessories, giving it the appearance of a sofa but taking up far less space.

Types of benches

Much like with the rest of our furniture, the wide range of benches we have on offer is second-to-none, and the possibilities are endless. When shopping with Ezzo, you’re sure to find the perfect bench that is right for you.

Whether you’re after a classic wooden bench (in a number of finishes), or prefer something softer on the backside with a fabric coated bench, we will have the right fit for you. We even ofter a number of different leather or faux-leather benches, giving you the widest choice possible. You can even choose whether or not to buy benches with backs - these are perfect for the dining room or living area, as guests are sure to be comfortable as they rest!

Our benches also come in a huge range of colours: from black to white, and almost everything in between! The most popular benches currently are the simple colours, such as navy or grey, as they add a simplistic elegance to any room.

If you’d love a bench in your house, but don’t want the room to appear smaller, then not to worry - our range of clear and/or mirrored benches are perfect for that as they don’t appear to take up much space visually.

We’d also recommend checking out our impressive range of benches that double up as storage. These are perfect for those of you with kids as its yet another place to put their toys. It’s also perfect for anyone living in a small house or studio apartment as it gives potential guests a place to sit whilst storing all of your essentials!


Whichever fantastic quality benches you eventually purchase from Ezzo, you’re sure to have your comfort matched by style - and all products come at impressively cheap prices! They really are the best in the business.

We also pride ourselves on our customer service, so if you have any queries feel free to get in touch. Our team is always on hand to provide you with any additional help as you choose your dream bench. If you need help picking your ideal sleeping space, then why not get in touch with one of our experts. Whether you need advice on size or style, we’ll be there to listen to you, and help you on your way as you finish off your dream room. Just measure up, and we can do the rest. And whichever benches you eventually choose, it’s sure to be stylish, comfortable and affordable!

Our delivery services are also incredibly cheap and incredibly easy; we ensure that we get your new benches to you safely and soundly, and as quick as possible. You can even select which day you’d like it delivered for your own convenience, and then track your order once it’s been dispatched. Order with Ezzo today to receive your brand new benches direct to your dining room - or wherever it is you decide to put them!