Hung at the right place, a simple mirror can do a lot to enhance the style and function of your home’s interior design. The mirror makes the best use of your room’s natural light to brighten your interiors while opening up small spaces and adding a decorative sparkle to your décor. The key to maximizing the decorative and functional potential of mirrors is in finding the right locations to hang the mirrors. At Ezzo, we have all types of mirrors to suit every imaginable decorative or functional purpose that you have in mind.

Our mirrors are quite versatile. They have both functional and aesthetic or decorative values. They can be used in bathrooms and dressing mirrors or hung on hallways and living rooms for decorative purposes. There are endless ways you can use mirrors as decorative items. They can be framed and lined along the hallway to uplift your décor, hung over fireplaces to brighten up your living room, and even used to channel Feng Shui energy into your home.

Here are a few more ways mirrors help to enhance the beauty of your home.

Mirrors Help to Create the Illusion of Larger Spaces

Want to make a small room feel larger? Just place a large mirror or a few small mirrors on the wall opposite the window wall and see how the inside view of your tiny room is multiplied several times over. The large mirror will create an illusion of space or even make the actual wall ‘disappear’. If you have a small kitchen that feels too confining, hang a large mirror on the unused wall and create a backsplash and illusion of extra space. It will add more light and a feel of spaciousness in your kitchen.

A mirror provides a simple inexpensive way to give your room a more expansive feel and illusion of depth. You can even lean a large mirror against the wall of your short hallway to increase the visual length of the passageway. There are endless ways you can creatively use our mirrors to make small spaces appear larger.

Use Mirrors to Capture Outdoor Views inside Your House

How about bringing the outdoor views into your home? You can easily achieve this magical effect by arranging a few mirrors opposite a large picture window. The group of mirrors will reflect the magnificent view of your outdoors inside your house. So if you want to capture that seascape vista or mountain range scenery indoors, just get a few mirrors from our wide selection and hang them on the wall opposite your large window.

Use Mirrors to Let the Light In and Brighten a Dark Room

You can also use mirrors to allow in more light and brighten your interiors. Just place a mirror opposite or next to a window and it will reflect more natural light into the room. The sky may look gloomy and dark but the mirror will harness all the available daylight and cast it inside the room. A bigger mirror will make your interior space even brighter. Our bedroom mirrors make your bedroom spaces look brighter and more spacious.

Functional Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom is incomplete without mirrors lining its walls. In Feng Shui, mirrors represent water so when you line your bathroom wall with neat mirrors, you bring a flow of positive energy into your home.

Mirrors not only make your bathroom appear larger and less confining but brighten up and cheer the room too. Bathrooms have a reputation for being the smallest rooms in most homes yet they are just as important as any other room in your home. There are numerous creative ways to use mirrors to enhance the style, size, and brightness of your bathroom. You can frame full-length mirrors on your bathroom wall for a bolder effect. Multiple frames on your bathroom wall create greater visual interest while serving the essential function of checking yourself up before you leave the bathroom.

At Ezzo, we have mirrors to suit every type of bathroom, from contemporary, classic and modern, to customized interior styles. Our mirrors come in a wide range of shapes including oval, square and round. We even have small wall mounted vanity mirrors as well as free-standing versions.

A Wide Range of Dressing Table Mirrors

In today’s fast-paced lifestyles, you want to get through your morning routine as quickly and conveniently as possible. If your routine involves facial cleansing, make-up application, moisturizing, and styling your hair, you’ll definitely want to do all this in front of the best dressing table mirror. At Ezzo, we have a wide range of dressing table mirrors with attractive designs and frame construction materials. Our mirrors come in wooden, glass, metallic, and other contemporary and traditional framing styles.

Mirrors as Decorative Art

We have a wide range of mirror styles that can be used for decorative purposes too. These are unique mirror styles that can be used as indoor art. Simply get one of our decorative mirrors and place it on a wall opposite a window and you have a picture perfect semblance of two windows on either side of the room. The mirror adds a touch of symmetry and balance to your interiors.

You can also hang a wood framed mirror on your kitchen wall to create a homely feel to your kitchen. The mirror adds warmth, brightness, and a sense of space to your kitchen. Hang a mirror on a focal point of your living room such as the fireplace. A mirror hanging over the fireplace adds emphasis to the fireplace while brightening up your décor.

Mirrors for Every Interior Style and Design

A mirror is well known as a decorator’s best friend. It helps to reflect light and brighten your home’s interior décor. At Ezzo, we have a wide range of mirror styles and sizes that you can combine with different color frames to enliven the interior style of your home. There are endless options of mirror styles and frames available at Ezzo. We are here to help you discover more ways to use mirrors in every room in your home, from the hallway, living room, and kitchen to your bathroom and kitchen. Browse through our different mirrors to find the one that suits your unique needs.