Nothing in this life compares to a good night’s sleep, and this is essential in order for us to live our lives the way we should. With this in mind, choosing the right bed and mattress combination is not a decision that should be made lightly, and you should have all of the facts before buying your perfect bed – that’s where our extensive wealth of knowledge and research comes in.

 After making your dream purchase from Ezzo… you’re sure to wake up on the right side of the bed every morning!


We have a huge range of different styles of bed – and one of them is bound to be perfect for you to rest your head on. Whether you desire your mattress to lie on a classic metal frame, an upholstered trend, or even if you prefer a bed made of the finest wood, you will find a style with Ezzo that suits you.

 Our styles even venture into even more complex ranges, and you could purchase a bed with additional storage options, which would be perfect for children’s toys, excess clothes, or any items that you currently do not have space for in your home. Additionally, Ezzo stock beds with built-in TVs, further saving you space in the bedroom. These are also brilliant for those lazy days and film nights!

 Our beds also come in a wide range of colours, sizes, and prices. So, should you need to purchase a child’s first bed, bunk beds for multiple siblings, or a luscious Super-King Size for the master bedroom – we have just the right fit for you. Large or small, metal or wooden, you will find the right cheap bed for you!

You can find your dream bed in the following sizes:

  • 2'6 Small single bed
  • 3'0 Single bed
  • 4'0 Small double bed
  • 4'6 Double bed
  • 5'0 King size bed
  • 5'2 EU king size bed
  • 6'0 Super king size bed

You can even find foldaway beds, futons, and bunk beds that have a built-in desk to further save space and storage – and all at fantastic prices, which is guaranteed to ensure that you wake up every day with a smile on your face!


So, you’ve found the perfect bed to match the colour scheme and style of your bedroom, and it’s going to look amazing… now you just need something comfortable to maximize the quality of your night’s sleep!

 Here at Ezzo, much like the wide range of beds we stock, we have an extensive range of mattresses to help you sleep like a baby. From firm mattresses to those with a softer texture, and from pocket spring to memory foam, we have something for everybody. In addition, you won't just find mattresses themselves, but also mattress toppers and other forms of bedding to give your night’s sleep that added oomph!

 We also have specialist orthopaedic mattresses for those with back problems, and any other special requirements are catered for – just use the search bar to find them.

Some of our beds are sold with mattresses included, but additional requests are always welcomed here at Ezzo, as we strive to provide you with the greatest comfort as you catch some Zs.


At Ezzo, we understand that most people like to complete their décor with a number of different accessories, whether it be cushions, pillows, throws or blankets. These added extras will not only provide you with that added touch of class but also comfort too.

You can also find these in a number of styles, colours, sizes and textures to add those finishing touches to your bedroom. In our incredible collections, you’ll be able to find a number of accessories in matching colours and styles, completing the look of any room – especially the bedroom where we tend to spend around a third of our lives!

 At Ezzo we understand the importance having the right bed – and we pride ourselves on offering the best quality, from the bed frame itself to the sheets that you choose to accessorize it with.


We also pride ourselves on our customer service, so if you have any queries feel free to get in touch. Our team is always on hand to provide you with any additional help as you choose your dream bed. If you need help picking your ideal sleeping space, then why not get in touch with one of our experts. Whether you need advice on size or style, we’ll be there to listen to you, and help you on your way as you finish off your dream bedroom. Just measure up your bedroom, and we can do the rest.

Our delivery services are also incredibly cheap and incredibly easy; we ensure that we get your new bed to you safely and soundly, and as quick as possible. You can even select which day you’d like it delivered for your own convenience, and then track your order once it’s been dispatched.