Stools are the perfect multi-purpose form of seating and are becoming increasingly popular within a number of contemporary room designs. This is particularly true within the kitchen, and stools are often found complimenting a breakfast bar or an island - although you can often find them in studio spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, or even the dining room and many more. Here at Ezzo you can purchase any stool you desire, for any room, and for any particular function. Check out our impressive range of sizes, styles, and colours, and find the perfect stool (or set of stools!) for you and your home.

Styles of stools

Here at Ezzo we appreciate that every home is different, and everyone has their own unique style. For that reason, we stock a huge range of varying stools, and the right one can be found for your home. Whether you’re after an acrylic bar stool to give your kitchen that authentic ‘50s Diner chic, or something more classic in the form of a wooden stool to compliment a more old-fashioned living parlour - and these wooden stools can be purchased with a number of different finishes. We also sell stools topped with faux-fur, made of fabric or even plastic - just choose which one you want!

You can buy a stool that has a hand-carved pattern crafted into it, a stool that's made of metal, leather stools, fabric stools, and even stools which have built-in storage - these are perfect for those of you who are desperate to hide your clutter from guests!

You can even buy foldaway stools for you to use as and when you need them! Not just that, but many of our stools are adjustable, meaning that you can change the height of them, making them multi-purpose and fitting for anything that you may need them for. This is also perfect for those of you who may use your stool around a coffee table, or when you’re at a desk.

The amount of styles we have on offer are quite simply too many to mention - so waste no time and check them out for yourself! You can even filter/sort products by your own preferences so that you can quickly and easily flick through all the stools that are right for you.   


Similarly to the way we stock stools of all sizes and styles… you can also purchase a stool in black, white, or almost anything in between! Many of our models come in different colours, so if you see the perfect stool but it doesn’t match your colours scheme - don’t worry! Just change the colour you which to buy, and it will arrive perfectly matching the rest of your room.

Here at Ezzo we also have multi-coloured stools or stools with patterns, whether it be spotted, checkered, or many more. Simply decide which stool is perfect for your room and voilà!

Whichever fantastic quality stool you eventually purchase from Ezzo, you’re sure to have your comfort matched by style - and all products come at impressively cheap prices! They really are the best in the business.

We also pride ourselves on our customer service, so if you have any queries feel free to get in touch. Our team is always on hand to provide you with any additional help as you choose your dream stool. If you need help picking your ideal sleeping space, then why not get in touch with one of our experts. Whether you need advice on size or style, well be there to listen to you, and help you on your way as you finish off your dream room. Just measure up, and we can do the rest. And whichever stool you eventually choose, it’s sure to be stylish, comfortable and affordable!

Our delivery services are also incredibly cheap and incredibly easy; we ensure that we get your new stool to you safely and soundly, and as quick as possible. You can even select which day youd like it delivered for your own convenience, and then track your order once its been dispatched. Order with Ezzo today to receive your brand new stool direct to your door!