No bedroom is complete without the perfect wardrobe – and this is often one of the first things that people notice when they enter. We all use the wardrobe every day, whether it’s getting ready for work, or changing into comfier clothes after a long day, and this means that picking the right model is essential.


Here at Ezzo, we provide a huge range of wardrobes, varying from hinged wardrobes, to wardrobes with sliding doors, and even a whole range of other storage options if you don’t have the desire or need for a full-sized wardrobe.  However, if your wardrobe is currently overflowing with everything from jackets & coats, to shoes, make-up and other accessories – we have a range of great storage facilities that can be compartmentalized for your convenience. This way, you will never have to get your muddy shoes mixed up with your crisp white shirts, nor will you end up with foundation on your favourite blouse!

You may also be interested in the fantastic range of mirrored wardrobes we offer. This isn’t just a handy way to check yourself out before a wild night out on the town… it is also a clever way to make any room look bigger – perfect for those smaller bedrooms.

Wardrobe Colour & Finish

We also offer a huge range of colours: whether it’s black, white, or anything in between! You’re sure to find a wardrobe with Ezzo that matches the colour scheme of your room, or, if you prefer, an oak or wooden finish. You can even get yourself a chrome style if you so desire. There are also a number of different variations that you can play with – so you can select whether to give your wardrobe a glossy exterior, or a whole range of different finishes and colours.


However, if a shiny new wardrobe isn’t what you’re after (or it simply wont fit in the bedroom), we also stock a huge amount of different storage solutions – whether it’s large boxes for the kids’ toys, or something more stylish to suit the style of your bedroom… Ezzo have got you covered. For Kids, we offer handy storage solutions perfect for the masses of homework that gets sent home from school… or just the vast amount of toys that they have! We even offer wardrobes and storage solutions that can be tucked away, or attached to the bed to save you even more space.

We also offer a number of foldaway wardrobes, or a stylish selection of hanging rails, which are perfect for tight fits or university accommodation. Most can easily be detached, should you move house or need to transport it elsewhere for whatever reason.

We have a number of different combinations, whether you need internal compartments, draws above/below the main storage space, or even attachments to the main wardrobe – giving you maximum space in your bedroom. Now you’ll know where everything is in an instant, causing you less stress in the morning if (when!) you’re late for work, as you can frantically find your socks without having to send out a search party for them!

Adding the final touches

With our personalization tools, you can also select whether you prefer 1 door, 2 doors, 3 doors, or more! The same goes with drawers and internal shelves – we want you to have total control over the design of your new wardrobe.


Additionally, why not check out our range of wardrobes in the sale? This is perfect for those of you who are redecorating on a budget! At Ezzo, we don’t just have great stock… we have low prices too! Our discount range is sure to provide you with the best quality, as well as the best value for money.


Ezzo offers a huge range of colours and styles, and you’re sure to find the best wardrobe in whichever shape or size you desire – meaning that you will never have a dreaded wardrobe malfunction again! You can rest easy knowing that your favourite fashion items are packed away safely, exactly how you left them. Our wardrobes are both pretty and practical, stylish and sound, classy and crafted.

It won’t just be your clothes that look great – whatever you choose to keep them, it will look just as classy too. This way, you can be a trendsetter both inside and outside of the bedroom!

If you need help picking your ideal wardrobe or storage solution, then why not get in touch with one of our experts. Whether you need advice on size or style, we’ll be there to listen to you, and help you on your way as you finish off your dream bedroom. Just measure up your bedroom, and we can do the rest.

Our delivery services are also incredibly cheap and incredibly easy; we ensure that we get your new wardrobe to you safely and soundly, and as quick as possible. You can even select which day you’d like it delivered for your own convenience, and then track your order once it’s been dispatched!