Dining Tables

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Dining Tables and Kitchen Tables

The dining table lives at the very heart of your home, the kitchen, or at least the place where we choose to gather as a family to enjoy home cooked food, and laughter. Every house has its individual feel, and most people have a clear vision of how they wish their home to look and feel. That is why at Ezzo we have gathered together a nicely varied range of dining tables, from traditional to modern and contemporary style dining tables; there’s a table for every taste.

Contemporary Dining Tables

For the modern dining and living space, the clean lines of a stylish contemporary dining table fit beautifully. We have a collection of contemporary designs including all shapes, such as round, square, oval and rectangular tables, both wooden, metal and glass-topped tables. To accommodate more diners for special occasions why not choose an extending table. Again, our modern extending tables come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit any modern home.

Extendable Dining Tables

The beauty of extendable dining tables is that they offer so much versatility, especially in smaller rooms, where a large dining table would merely crowd out your space, leaving little space left to live in. A small drop leaf table can live next to a wall in your living space and then be partially opened for daily dining or pulled out entirely to seat six diners comfortably. At Ezzo we have many styles, finishes and shapes of extending tables, including extendable dining tables that extend at both ends, creating a much more substantial table to accommodate guests. You will find our collection of extenders finished in wood, metal, glass and even plastics, and a range of shapes including round, square, oval and rectangular dining table designs.

Glass Dining Tables

A high-quality glass dining table is a clean, and fashionable way to style a space. Glass tables look elegant, and will suit a modern or contemporary dining space beautifully.
Glass topped tables give an illusion of space in a room, which a solid wooden table cannot, making the room feel more open and airy. At Ezzo, we have a range of clear glass and smoked glass-topped tables as well as a great collection table leg designs in wood, metal and stone.

Oak Dining Tables

Oak Dining Tables never went out of fashion, and never will! The durability of oak, the ability to fit into both contemporary and classically styled spaces make it an excellent choice for any family dining room. An oak dining table will wear the marks and scuffs of family life well through its long life and still look great. Choose from a solid oak dining table or an oak veneer table if you are looking for more value for your budget.