Bedside Tables

It’s very rare these days that you find a bed that is not partnered with at least one bedside table – whether it’s used to store underwear, books for a late-night read, or merely to have a lamp or a charging phone sit on top of it. They’re also the perfect place for that bedtime nightcap!

Bedside tables have certainly become an essential part of the bedroom, and here at Ezzo, we have a huge amount of different bedside tables for you to choose from, whatever you choose to use it for.


Whether you’re after a classic oak finish, or something more contemporary… we’re bound to have the right bedside table for you – and add the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom.

Here at Ezzo our styles really are endless, with some bedside tables having drawers, some having a cupboard space, and some coming with an open space to store books underneath – some of our bedside tables even have a combination of all 3! You will even find a huge array of different draw styles, as some may come with or without handles, and some products even having draws that double up as baskets.

We would also recommend buying a pair and keeping the look of your room as symmetrical as possible. This also adds additional storage, and is perfect for couples that would each use a bedside table for a book, a lamp, or for that morning coffee to help them get through the day!

Whichever style you eventually choose, it is sure to add both convenience and class to your bedroom, as not just a place for storage, but also a piece of furniture bound to complement the existing décor of the room.

Colour & Finish

We have a fantastic range of colours and finishes to our bedside tables, with the most popular of which is our various white products. This is because of its simplicity, and the fact that it not only looks good with any other colour but also because it keeps the room looking airy and bright! If this isn’t to your fancy, we also offer a number of items in black – and everything in between!

You can get your dream bedside table with a glossy, matte, or even a more natural finish. It all depends on your preference, but if you want it – we’ve got it! You will also find some products that are mirrored to make your room appear bigger and more spacious than it is.


Additionally, why not check out our range of bedside tables that are in the sale?This is perfect for those of you who are redecorating on a budget! At Ezzo, we don’t just have great stock… we have low prices too! Our discount range is sure to provide you with the best quality, as well as the best value for money.


If you need help picking your ideal chest of drawers, then why not get in touch with one of our experts. Whether you need advice on size or style, we’ll be there to listen to you, and help you on your way as you finish off your dream bedroom. Just measure up… and we can do the rest!

Additionally, with Ezzo, you can select the size of your desired chest of drawers (to suit your bedroom), and even the number of drawers that you’d like – this way you don’t need to wade through the 100s of products we offer if you have a perfect idea in mind. If all you want is three drawers… that’s all we will show you, doing the hard work so you don’t have to.

We also have stock models that come readily assembled, and some that you can put up yourself. That way, you can shop with Ezzo whether you’re a DIY maestro, or whether you’d prefer it to be done by one of our professionals!

Our delivery services are also incredibly cheap and incredibly easy; we ensure that we get your new wardrobe to you safely and soundly, and as quick as possible. You can even select which day you’d like it delivered for your own convenience, and then track your order once it’s been dispatched.