Sofa Beds

Perfect for guests staying over, or utilising space in a small bedroom, Ezzo’s range of sofa beds is second to none, providing both comfort and practicality whilst looking beautiful wherever you choose to put it. We would recommend our fantastic range of sofa beds for those of you living in a studio apartment, or those of you that frequently have family & friends over to stay.

 Our sofa beds combine all of the positives of both sets of furniture, and are designed for both flexibility and your convenience!

You can purchase two different types of sofa bed with Ezzo, and one of them is bound to be perfect for you. Firstly, you have the fold-out style of sofa bed, which allows you to transform the sofa by folding out (hence the name!) the seat, and ending up with a mattress-like base on top of a frame. The second is called a clic clac sofa bed, whereby the back (or rest) falls back until it is in line with the seat, creating a flat bed.

Whichever type of bed you choose you must first check that you have enough space for it in your room – in both of its forms. For example, it is best not to opt for a clic clac bed if you’re planning to have the sofa directly in front of a wall!

Remember when we said that a sofa bed has all the positives of both forms of furniture? Well, you can even choose the firmness of the mattress just like a bed, and also the number of seats that it has, just like a standard sofa! Once you’ve decided that, you can choose form our fantastic range, which includes both fabric and leather, and every colour scheme imaginable!