Sofa Buyers Guide

The comfort of our home is what we all long for after a long day’s work. It is not just about going back to the house, but where you want to rest. Having a comfortable sofa waiting for you at home is both soothing and gives you great relief. If your sofa is old, stiff and adds pain to your backache, it’s time to consider getting a new one.

There are different types of sofas and depending on your taste and style, you can select the type that best suits you. They also come in different colours that you can blend with the colour in your living room. Choosing a comfortable and durable sofa can be difficult so here is our buyer’s guide to help you make your decision.

Sofa Types

Corner Sofas

Corner sofas are perfect for large families as they utilise any empty corners in your home and maximize sofa space. They can be used to divide rooms or larger spaces and can complement your style when combined with other sofas such four-seater sofas.

Before purchasing a corner sofa, you need to determine whether it’s a right angle or curved corner that you want. Some designs, mostly modular ones, are easy to move and can create extra sitting space when combined with other sofas. If you have a small space, we recommend you purchase one with a chaise lounge.

Two-seater Sofas

These sofas are an ideal choice for small spaces because their level of comfort is equal to having larger-sized sofas. Their purchase can be part of a suite that comprises of a three-seater and an armchair, or have two-seaters if you have a large family or if you are expecting a lot of guests.

Most people assume that only larger spaces can accommodate two sofas, but that’s not always the case. In actuality, you can have two two-seaters in your living room depending on your preferences and still have extra room.

Three-seater Sofas

This type of sofa has enough seating space for three adults to sit together comfortably.  Most of these sofas have a padded back, which can have removable cushions - depending on your preference - and two large base cushions.

Three-seaters are versatile as they can blend well with different styles from contemporary, vintage and traditional styles.

Four-seater Sofas

Four-seater sofas are ideal for large families as their space is enough for four or more people; the style and different sizes offer you enough space to stretch. They have a wide range of styles - some with individual padding in each seat and others with reclining mechanisms.

Not only does it have a wide range of styles, this type also has additional features such as extra padding which affects the size and in addition, the measurements differ depending on the manufacturer.


Made for one person, they can be placed in your living room to complement the room design or the rest of the furniture. They can have a reclining mechanism, raising your feet and lowering your upper body into a comfortable position.

Sofa Beds

A sofa bed can be a good choice for small spaces. Coming both as a bed and a sofa, it can be difficult to choose one. That is why with this type of sofa, you need to choose one that will make a comfortable bed and sofa at the same time.

Sofa Filling


Fiber fillings are made out of aerated polyester hollow strands that have been pumped into a cushion, making it look plump. Cushions made of fibre fillings are softer than those made of foam.


Feather fillings are softer than foam and have to be plumped regularly to restore their shape. To avoid clumping together, they are mixed with fibre, forming a perfect combination for a sofa that sinks in.


Foam fillings provide the best and firmest support when sitting. Used in most sofas, they are easy to maintain since they maintain their shape on their own. They have different densities determining how firm the sofa will be.

Factors to Consider


Comfortability is key and it depends on the type of filling that you choose. Choose from fibre, foam and feather and decide the best fit for you and your family.


Determine your room’s size before purchasing any sofa since they vary in sizes. Get a sofa that leaves some extra space so that you will have room to walk around and breathe easily.

Arm Style

The type of sofa arms that you choose determines the style, as well. Choose a style that complements your taste.


The colour that you choose should complement the surrounding furniture. However, you also have the option to choose to stick to a neutral colour that goes along with any design.


Fabrics such as leather and stain-guarded twill are easy to clean and maintain and a great choice if you have kids. On the other hand, choose velvet or silk for a cosmopolitan look.

Care and Cleaning

There are different ways of caring for your sofa, depending on the style and material it is made out of. For instance, if you have a leather sofa, wipe spills immediately when they occur using a damp cloth followed by a soft, dry cloth.

To retain the shape of your sofa cushions, dust and rotate them at least once a week and keep leather sofas away from direct sunlight and heat to prevent fading.

Cleaning Your Sofa

Professional services are recommended when it comes to cleaning your sofa unless it’s just a spill. If you are not sure, refer to the cleaning code that came with the furniture. Recent spills on leather sofas can be wiped away and older ones removed using lukewarm water.

Clean fabric sofas with an absorbent white cloth and avoid rubbing spills to prevent permanent stains. In addition, fabrics should be vacuumed or brushed weekly to remove dirt. If the slipcovers can be washed using a washing machine, close all the zippers and wash in cold water using a mild detergent.


Soft Sofas

Soft sofas are a good choice if you’re looking for relaxation. However, they do have a setback. They are not easy to maintain, especially feather sofas. Moreover, long hours spent on soft sofas are known to cause spinal problems.

Firm Sofas

A firm sofa enhances a straight posture and is a good choice for the elderly and when hosting guests, as well.


The choice of a good sofa depends on your preferences and space. Make a choice that will last you a long time and will complement your room and your taste