Side Table Buyers Guide

Tables are essential pieces of furniture that complement the rest of the furniture in your family room or living room as well as the interior decor. For your household, you have the option to purchase either side tables or coffee tables.

However, between the two, side tables are much more convenient than coffee tables as it is easier to stretch out your hand and reach for your cup of tea on an end table without moving the rest of your body, compared to when the same cup of tea is on a coffee table.

Different Designs


The drum style of side table has an elegant design and if you are looking into throwing a party, they make perfect drink stands, as well.

Nesting Tables

They come as a two-piece or a three-piece set, a design that has been around since the 1980’s. However, these nesting tables have one disadvantage in functionality - they have no drawers or compartments for storage purposes.


This design offers storage space for items and a unique appearance, as well. One of the setbacks it has, though, is that you will have to move any items on top whenever you want to access what’s inside. What’s more, it is a lot of work arranging and rearranging items.


Cross Legs

A side table with cross-legged legs offers a beautiful as well as casual design. However, when compared to a side table with four legs, they aren’t as strong.


Side tables with pedestal legs have a classic design that would complement a formal living room set up.

Flat Base

Flat base legs, as the name implies, have a flat base that supports the upper part of the side table.


Side tables with a tripod for legs - otherwise known as three legs - has a design that doesn’t make the table firm. They aren’t as functional as four-legged side tables, as well.

Four Legs

Out of all the side table leg designs out there, the four-legged tables are the most stable side tables in the market.



There is a wide range of metallic side tables and they come in different shapes and finishes such as matte or shiny finishes and they can be smooth or textured, too. What’s nice and convenient about metal side tables is that they’re easy to clean.


Wooden side tables blend in well with all kinds of interior designs, so you won’t have any trouble trying to fit this kind of side table in your room. Wood can be from walnut, mahogany, oak or bamboo and you can select the texture, finish and colour that suits you.


Glass tables have transparency qualities which makes your room look larger and they also blend well in any kind of room. It’s also easy to clean by just wiping the surface.


Side tables made from acrylic have a polished appearance. They also complement a modern style of a side table and are easy to clean, which is convenient.



Side tables with a contemporary style is a mixture of a modern and traditional design since they have smooth surfaces, which makes them ideal for making a feature in your room.


Traditional side tables are mostly made from wood with an antique touch to them. Most have carvings and are made from dark-toned wood such as mahogany.


Modern styles are mostly made of glass and leather with angular shapes and a sleek finish.


  • Oval
  • Half circle
  • Triangle
  • Free-form
  • Rectangle
  • Round Square


Tray Top

Some side tables have tray tops and although it doesn’t have a very pleasant look, it is extremely functional and works well for food placement.


There are a large number of side tables with drawers as these usually give off an appealing look.


Most side tables have one shelf, but pedestal tables, on the other hand, do not have any shelves.


You won’t be able to find a lot of side tables with wheels and in addition, they are not the best choice, but you can have them if you must.

Storage Area

Having more storage space in the home is always a welcome feature, that is why it will be a plus for you if you get a side table with a storage compartment.


If you love side tables that come with a lamp, this is a perfect choice for you. This feature will help prevent you from straining your eyes, especially when reading or studying at night.

Drop Leaf

This feature is convenient for rooms with small spaces since the size of the side table can be adjusted according to your needs.

Adjustable Height

Side tables with an adjustable height aren’t that common, but they are available. The only problem is that they don’t really have that good of an appearance.


Adding mirror to your side tables are a great choice for a glamorous look, if that is the kind of design or aesthetic you are looking for.

Factors to Consider


What is your main reason for buying the side table? Prioritise your needs, taste and décor and above all, look at your budget. Different sizes, styles and designs have different prices, so make sure you don’t break the bank.

Size and Space

Measure all your furnishings to ensure that they will align with the side table and make sure that you have enough space as well as some extra space or comfortability.


Choose a style and design that’s easy to move, especially if you intend to clean frequently. A lightweight side table would be ideal. But alternatively, go for heavier pieces, although they might leave indents on your carpet, rug or floor.

Material and Colour

Walnut and oak are a great choice if you are looking for a stylish setup, while glass is good for small spaces. In addition, select colours that you love, or colours that match the aesthetic of the room.

Care and Cleaning

It’s always important to look after your furniture so that they will last long - side tables are not any different. When caring for your side table, avoid placing plastic-made items such as placemats on your furniture and additionally, avoid placing it near any source of heat and direct sunlight to prevent fading.

If you see any marks on your side table, remove them with a mild washing solution. Dust with a dry piece of cloth and always remove spills and marks immediately by wiping.


As for cleaning your side table, dust it often with a clean, soft piece of cloth and clean it by rubbing in the direction of the grain. On the other hand, goo can be removed using a soft, damp cloth dipped in a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar. Lastly, avoid polishing if you aren’t sure how to and what materials to use.


With all this information about side tables, it shouldn’t be hard for you to choose the best style, colour and design that will blend in with the rest of your furniture and décor.