Kids Bedroom Buyers Guide

Finding the right pieces of furniture for your little one’s bedroom can be a difficult task sometimes, considering all the options available. Learn how to decorate your kids’ bedroom and take some advice from our detailed buying guide where we cover the different types and factors you should consider.

Types of Beds

Toddler Beds

Toddler beds are easy to climb as they are not high, thus, they are perfect for very young kids. These beds feature rounded edges so as to avoid any kind of injury.

Mid and High Sleepers

Mid and high sleepers are elevated so there is extra space beneath the bed which can be used for different purposes. They are made out of different materials such as wood or metal, so just choose the one you like most. This type of bed is ideal for kids aged 6 and older.

Single Beds

Single beds, or beds for one, are a very popular choice. They are safe, very comfortable and fit perfectly into a kid’s bedroom.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are also known as loft beds and they are common in kids’ bedrooms. Bunk beds save floor space as one or more bed frames are incorporated vertically. They always feature a ladder to help children climb into bed.

Important Furniture


The essential part of every bedroom is a bed and finding a comfortable bed for your little one is very important. Choose between different types of beds such as a single bed, bunk bed and more. When choosing a bed for your kid or kids, it is also important to pick out the right mattress - it can be foam or pocket sprung.


Besides a bed, storage space is another essential thing that every bedroom needs to have. There are countless options when it comes to storage and you can choose between a chest of drawers, for example, or a wardrobe, etc. However, it is important to consider the space available before you decide on storage furniture.


Accessories are what make any bedroom cosy and comfortable. Some accessories such as adorable bedside lighting can help make the room more pleasant for your child. Also, consider buying a table and a chair if there is enough space in the room.

Factors to Consider


Safety is the most important factor when decorating your kids’ bedroom. When purchasing furniture, be aware of the safety standards and make sure that the items you choose conform to them. It is important that your kid is safe in his or her own little sanctuary, so invest some time into choosing the right furniture.


An important concern for many parents when they are decorating their kids’ bedrooms is quality, as they want their kids to be able to use the furniture for years. Consider picking out higher quality furniture as these are likely to last much longer. This will ensure that you don’t need to buy new furniture anytime soon.


A great number of parents only consider their kids’ present age when decorating their bedroom. The problem with this is that kids outgrow things very quickly and their needs change as they grow.

While buying furniture designed for toddlers and painting the walls with cartoon characters is appropriate for your little ones, a teenager will probably not enjoy this design. Therefore, you need to consider whether you want to redecorate the room every few years, or if you want to get standard furniture which can be used for many years.


Storage is a relevant factor worth considering when choosing the furniture for your kids’ bedroom. When decorating the room, consider ways to save space and gain extra storage because your kids will probably have a lot of stuff that accumulates as they grow up.

Keep things organised and consider storage beds with drawers as you can store plenty of stuff in them. Also consider bookcases, shoe racks and coat racks, so that in this way, the room will appear more organised.

Care and Cleaning

In order to maintain your furniture’s good condition so that you will be able to use them for a long time, proper care and cleaning are necessary. Kids sometimes tend to be a little messy and throw their toys and things all over the room.

Cleaning their bedrooms can sometimes be quite a task, but having a clean room is relevant; not only because it looks tidy, but because it concerns health, as well. To be able to clean the room quickly, it is important to have a system when tidying up the rooms.

Keep Things Organised

Your kids’ toys will probably be all over the room, making organisation a big concern. Among the first things you must do when tidying up your kids’ bedroom is picking up the clothes and separating the dirty ones from the clean ones. After that, either rehang the clean clothes or fold them.

Vacuuming and Sweeping

In order to keep the room neat, you must vacuum weekly. A lot of dust can be hidden around the corners and edges, so make sure that you reach those spots. If you have hardwood floors in your kid’s bedroom, sweep the floor weekly with a dry mop.

Some floors can be damp-mopped, provided that they are sealed with polyurethane. If sealed with varnish or other types of sealants, use a polish or wax to clean the floor instead.

Bed and Bedding

To refresh the bed and bedding, wash the linens in hot water according to the labels on them. Clean the headboard using a cloth and a cleaning solution, but pay attention to the bed’s material. In addition, use an appropriate cleaning solution to treat the surface.


With proper advice, decorating your kids’ bedroom can be an easy and enjoyable task. Just follow the tips in our buyer’s guide and consider your kids’ needs when picking out the furniture.