Dining Table Buyers Guides

A dining table is often a precious setting where family and friends gather to share a meal together. That is why it is important to choose the best kind of dining table for your space as well as your lifestyle, and we hope that this buying guide will do just that!

Different Shapes


When it comes to dining tables, it should come as no surprise that rectangular shaped ones are the most common. This is simple yet elegant and ideal for seating a great number of guests. A rectangular dining table is perfect for homes with lots of space, so it may not be the best option for you if your dining room is rather small.


Round dining tables can fit perfectly into any part of the room, while providing a certain intimacy, as well, since all the guests are seated near each other. This type of table is more casual than the rectangular one and it can seat an uneven number of guests.


A square dining table is very practical and ideal for small families of two or four. The table does not take up much space so it can be fitted in any corner of the room. However, if you want to seat a larger number of people, then we recommend that you look at other options.


An oval dining table is actually a combination of a rectangular and round table and provides the best of both. You will be able to seat a significant number of people while enjoying the same intimacy that a roundtable offers.


If you are looking for something interesting and unique to add a wow factor to your living space, you may want to consider a freeform table. They have no defined shape and can fit even very small spaces easily. Some shapes of a freeform dining table include a rounded triangle shape or a rotated L-shape.



A dining room table made of glass is modern and elegant, as well. Since it is made of glass, cleaning the table will not be difficult.


There are several types of wooden dining tables, including hardwood, softwood and composite wood. While they are all very appealing, hardwood dining tables may be the best choice as they are both beautiful and long-lasting. They are more expensive than tables made of other materials, but mahogany, oak or maple are all quality attractive materials.


Just like glass, metal dining tables are equally modern and certainly different. They are easy to clean, as well and fit perfectly into your industrial-styled living space.


Likewise, marble dining room tables are also super easy to clean. Although they may be a bit more of a luxurious version of a dining table, it does justify the price as they’ll give any room a sense of grandeur.


A laminate dining table is a smart choice for those looking for something sturdy and durable without having to pay too much. This type of dining table can fit different budgets and it can include tabletops made of different materials.



A traditional dining table can come in a variety of shapes, but usually features ornate detailing such as turned legs and carvings. They are usually made of dark solid wood and are perfect if you are into traditional furniture styles.


Transitional dining tables are similar to traditional ones but differ in that they are slightly more casual. They include some of the modern features, as well, so this is a combination of two styles. As it is less formal than a traditional dining table, it is perfect for kitchens.


Modern or contemporary dining tables are very popular these days. They often feature glass tops and metal bases and are also known for minimalist lines. If you enjoy the contemporary style this type is ideal for you.


Rustic or country dining table often features weathered wood and painted finishes. This type of dining room can also include turned and curvy legs, so it is ideal for rustic-style enthusiasts.

Factors To Consider


One of the most important factors you ought to consider when choosing a dining table is its size. Most tables are made with a standard size, but if you have a bigger family or enjoy entertaining many people, then consider bigger tables or even have a custom table made just for you. The table you choose should not be too small or too big compared with the room, so think about that as well.

Table Design

Design is one of the most relevant factors when buying a dining table because you need to choose one that fits and complements the room. A rectangular table may not be a good option if your dining room is small, so consider different designs in order to see which one fits the space perfectly.


When buying a dining table, you probably want a table that blends in with the rest of the furniture. Getting a table that contrasts the style of the room may also be a good idea, but this depends on your taste.


Another relevant factor to consider when buying a dining table is the material the table is made of. If easy cleaning is important to you, then opt for a glass or wood top.

Care and Cleaning

Once you pick out the ideal dining table for your home, it is important to know a few things about proper care and cleaning so that your glorious new table remains in good condition for as long as possible.

Use a Tablecloth

You need to protect your table from spillage and the best way to do that is to use a tablecloth when you have a number of guests dining with you. Also, use coasters to protect the table and this especially applies to wood and marble tables.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

In order to protect your lacquered, painted or stained wooden dining table, avoid using harsh abrasive cleaning products containing ammonia, alcohol or petroleum and apply the same rule to your glass dining table. Instead, use a glass cleaner to clean your glass table.

Avoid Placing Hot Things

If you want to protect your new dining table, then avoid putting hot things right out of the oven directly on the table. Use heat protection to place a hot dish on the table and under-serving pieces may also protect your table from unwanted damages.


When selecting a new dining table, the process will be easier if you know what to look for and in addition, you will also be more satisfied with your final choice. Take the time to think of what kind of table you need, so that you will be able to find the right one to fit your living space and lifestyle.